Thursday, March 20, 2008

Let the Fun Begin

So today is a gorgeous day and I have too much knitting that I would prefer to do, rather than the cleaning, baking and seed sowing I should do.

As you can see I have finished Latvian Garden and I love it. I wore it today as a jacket. The weather was still cold here in western PA but I am sooo tired of heavy parkas. I was very toasty and warm. Besides it looks a little more springlike on this first day of spring.

I have also included a picture of my office so you all can get a glimpse of my stash or part of it. My husband of 25 years walked into my office the other day looked at the shelves of yarn which have been a part of my life in one form or another our whole marriage and exclaimed, "Wow, you have a lot of yarn."

This seemed to be a revelation to him. I have never hidden the yarn from him so am not sure why it suddenly seemed so impressive. He is a wonderful man who completely supports my yarn habit so it was funny to see him suddenly so flummoxed by the amount. Maybe now that he is 50 and I am approaching 50 he is afraid he will be stuck with all this fiber if I suddenly kick.

Not to worry, honey, the girls both knit and know where the good stuff is. They have been raiding the stash since they were tweeners and they are now in the 20's. Actually the baby turns 20 this Saturday. If she make it home for her birthday and Easter she tells me she will be a complete woman. She has very modest expectations and we love her for that.

So Happy Easter, or spring or whatever you feel like celebrating.


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