Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hey Guys!! Look what my little baby did last weekend. She ran the Philadelphia Half Marathon!!!!

Mayor Nutter was there to start the race. He had a great time slapping hands with all the runners who filed by before the start of the race.

This was Mace's first race ever and there was a little trepidation (especially since she really doesn't like crowds and there were 18,000 runners, all waiting to start).

And the finish. A good friend and his son also ran the race. (My camera died because of the cold and we begged this shot from our friend's wife, the only one of the finish.)

She did very well finishing at 1 hour and 54 minutes, beating her goal of 2 hours. Not bad for a girl who has never run a race not even a 5 K and who has asthma. It was a really cold start in the 20's so of course I was a nervous wreck but she came through like a trouper. and is now talking about training for a full marathon. I am one proud momma.

And because this is a knitting blog I thought you might like to see the finished stockings of doom... I am so done with these. I charged an arm and a leg to knit these for an acquaintance, partially in the hopes that she never asks me to knit any again. She has asked every year for the last 5 and I am so done with them and their acrylic yarn. Done, Done, Done.

There has been some really wonderful knitting happening but I can't share as it would be a spoiler for Christmas. Check out Ravelry they should be uploaded there soon.

I also recently took a class with Cat Bordhi at Knit One in Pittsburgh. It was an amazing class. I learned lots about new pathways in sock knitting. She is a lovely, gentle woman and everyone should take a class from her if the opportunity presents itself. Her brain works differently than the rest of us and it is a wonder. And like Obama she inspires confidence with her calmness. Great lady.

She also was wearing a gorgeous shawl knit for her by Sivia Harding out of Handmaiden Seasilk, her Norwegian woods pattern. It was intensely distracting from the required sock knitting. Totally petable. I actually ordered the yarn in the same colorway from Colorsong as soon as I got home and have started it for myself. But must finish Christmas knitting first so it waits for me. But oh is it a beauty.