Thursday, November 5, 2009

Whoo! Hoo!

I got me new MacBook and I am wasting extraordinary amounts of time playing when I should be knitting or baking,  or cleaning, or exercising, or almost anything else you can imagine,  oh the joy! I think my honey is jealous and I know at least one of my kiddos is. The other one just doesn't know what she is missing yet. I am planning big things for this computer and I this winter. That is all.


our friend Ben said...

Ha, the horrors of guilt while, say, reading people's blog posts when you could be scrubbing out the tub. Forget it and enjoy yourself, say I. One doesn't get a new Mac every day!!!

mary jane said...

oh me too, I have my first laptop and I find watch instantly....I tell myself it helps me knit!

Heidi said...

Today I played with iPHOTO. Everything looks better on a Mac. I was good though and planted tulips and garlic and even got some designs done for a class I am teaching next Thursday, even fit in a spinning class, so I don't feel too guilty.