Saturday, March 7, 2009

Maybe now I can get on with the finishing

Check it out... I actually finished something.

Tahki Cotton Classic(from Stash) #3 Turbos, My own design.

Getting a baby shower gift completed 24 hours before the party...priceless.


Lisa said...

That will be some stylish baby. Very pretty pattern. will you publish it?

Heidi said...

Hi Lisa,
I would like to, just need to find the time. Maybe this evening I will get on the stick. That wet, dead thing next to the sweater is the matching hat. It should be pretty cute too if it ever dries. Taking the iron to it right now to see if I can speed up the process.

msubulldog said...

And look at your sweet little tag! It looks so lovely on that darling little sweater. :)