Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inauguration

How proud are you to be an American today? I hope you all watched and prayed and were profoundly moved today. Say what you will about this country when we do it right, we really do it right.

Yes We Can!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am 66 and for the first time in my life I voted for someone who was of a dif party and the one I finally thought, "Yes, this is the one." Have you read his DREAMS FROM MY FATHER? I AM and I am enjoying learning about this man I voted for. It reads easily without self pity, but always with insightful thought about his childhood and his young adult life and the search for his value system which he admits was formed by his Grandparents, mother, father, and the black high school boys from LA who came to Hawaii to play basket ball. He writes beautifully without that pseudo sophistication or that pseudo wisdom that a "higher" education sometimes effects one. I bought all the books about him for my husband for Christmas, he is the lib, but I wanted to read them.
Yes, I pray for him to be safe and to listen more to his wife's advice than his appointed "advisors".
DownAndKnitty@Ravelry. I linked over, your work is lovely.