Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Here we go

Feb.5, 2008

Well, Since I think about starting a blog many hours of the day I guess that means I should actually start blogging. I have some interesting knitting to share and may throw in pics of my kids and certainly my puppy Duncan. DH will be mentioned no doubt, as well as various gardening shots.

I am also on Ravelry as embracewe. So gone on over and have a look.

Very wet and gloomy in southwestern PA today and therefore a great day to spend knitting. Unfortunately have done very little of that today.Really need to get at the seed catalogs and start ordering if I want to start this years seeds soon.

Am working on a Harrisville Design called Latvian Garden cardigan which I am loving, loving, loving. It is a very pretty, incredibly interesting and fun design by Donna Kay. I am thoroughly enjoying their New England Shetland wool too. The colors are great and they flow through my fingers, great stuff.

Tell me what you think.