Monday, June 30, 2008

Let there be Berries.

Perhaps you remember this early spring activity....

Mulching 350 blueberry bushes.

Well all that work had paid off handsomely. The bushes are bursting. There are so many berries the new, pliable branches can't even support them, so our high bush blueberries are pretty droopy.

There are mountains of berries to pick.DH diligently pruned all350 bushes with a Saws-All and then we mulched each bush with 6-8" of aged sawdust. Pruning and sawdust apparently make blueberries very happy.

He has put out the signs, the scale, the cash box, the pails and the pickers are picking.

I am a very spoiled woman. This man picks me fresh berries every morning.

This is a study of Bubba in the Blueberries. (Doesn't she look like a runway model posing for a fashion designer? I hope I have half her beauty at 80.)

I have this gracious lady to thank for the beautiful berries my husband shares with me every morning. Thank you Bub, for raising such a good man. (His dad was also in the patch with us but wouldn't stop grazing the berries long enough to pose for a picture. I am certain he had something to do with how well my husband turned out.)

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Layanee said...

Heidi: I found you! Love blueberries and I will enjoy your posts. I will link to your blog!